Advance Your Career with These Workshops

With over 16,000 courses, LinkedIn Learning offers in-depth classes and workshops with on-demand, video-based content. The platform covers topics like Leadership & Communication, DevOps, Personal Branding, Analytics and more. There is an endless amount of knowledge to be gained across every industry. For those in the IT space that are looking to increase their network security knowledge, we’ve gathered the top workshops within the LinkedIn Learning platform to get started with today.

Certified Information Security Manager (CISM): Prepare for your ISACA CISM exam with this LinkedIn Learning course. Over the course of 13 hours, you will learn the key governance and skills and discover opportunities for CISM-certified professionals.

Framework Specialist: A framework is a compilation of processes and policies that protect an organization’s critical infrastructure. In this course, you will learn the basic framework on how to determine which core security framework set is right for your business.

Audit / Assessment Professional: Having the right policies in place is not enough in today’s threat environment to ensure your organization is supported. You need to continuously test and audit your systems to ensure everything is working properly. This workshop helps you discover how to identify which testing tools to use and how often to be assessing your systems.

Social Engineer: Social engineering is the manipulation of people to give up confidential information like passwords or banking information. Online criminals will use various types of social engineering like phishing emails or malicious links to gain sensitive information. In this LinkedIn Learning course, you will learn about the most common type of social engineering attacks and how to protect your organization.

Ethical Hacker: Ethical Hacking involves having the authorization to attempt to gain access to a computer system, application, or server. Many organizations will employ ethical hacking to identify vulnerabilities in their infrastructure. In this course, you can learn about the common emerging threats to systems and practice using tools to test identify risks.