Best NFT Marketplaces to Explore in 2022

NFTs are the hottest investment category these days! Its reported market cap was almost $25 billion in 2021. With major celebrities investing in NFTs and gaining huge profits, you may want to start thinking about investing in them as well.

Ethereum was the first blockchain that supported NFTs and stored additional information to distinguish the unique aspects of these NFTs. However, now multiple blockchains have NFTs encrypted securely on them.

But one thing to remember is that not every blockchain supports all NFTs. Buyers and sellers have to explore the type of NFT marketplace depending on the availability of their desired token.

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, these are the best NFT marketplaces to explore this year.

Number 4: Foundation
Foundation is a unique platform that focuses solely on promoting digitized art. It highly encourages a community of NFT collectors and creators to work together to move the NFT-based culture forward. The best part? As a seller, whenever your NFT is further sold at a higher price, you will receive a 10% value of the transaction.

Number 3: SuperRare
If you want to buy or sell rare, single edition artwork, SuperRare is the perfect place. The collectibles here are tokenized on a highly secure blockchain. Ethereum is the only crypto used to sell and buy artwork. This small community has only a few artists. If you want, you can fill out and submit the artist form for them to consider you.

Number 2: Rarible
Rarible dispenses almost 75K RARI tokens every week. This community-based NFT platform is native to ERC 20 RARI NFT token. Using the RARI token, the platform users buy and sell NFTs. The main focus of the platform is digital artwork. If you want to buy or sell memes, art, photographs, and more, Rarible is an excellent option!

Number 1: OpenSea
The top marketplace to definitely explore is OpenSea! It proudly flaunts itself as the best NFT marketplace available on the internet. From trading cards and sports to virtual worlds, this platform is native to multiple NFT token categories. Buy, sell, and manage digitized assets based on ERC721 and ERC1155.