Build a Better Leadership Team

Whether you have a leadership team in place or are looking to create one in your growing company, it isn’t something you just create a Slack channel for and hope for the best. You’ll need planning, buy-in, and funding to get it right. But if you want to truly see healthy growth in your organization, then getting the right people on the bus – and in the right seat – is imperative. Then next is nailing these 4 strategies for what it takes to build your team.

1. Get A Commitment
It’s easy to say yes to joining a team of leaders, but committing to the long-term is a different animal. Your leaders already have a full plate of obligations, and this could be something that hits the proverbial back-burner without a full-throated obligation. Make sure your folks are geared up and ready for the future.

2. Define Responsibilities
Don’t let duties be assumed. It’s important and just simply practical to make sure everyone knows what’s expected of them. Be clear and set up a system of accountability to keep things moving. And don’t be afraid to ask things of your team. If they’re committed (see #1), they will want to contribute.

3. Be Goal-Minded
Line up all the acronyms you want – like OKRs and KPIs – but, in the end, the letters don’t matter as much as the action. Set goals and objectives and map your strategies and tactics to them. Track your metrics monthly to keep the ball moving down the field. But also be agile enough to pivot when needed.

4. Get Employee Input
Don’t live in a bubble. Bring in voices from your staff and listen. When people feel heard, they are more open to new ideas. Find a way to maybe even pilot new programs within a subsection of your workforce and see how people respond. Create committees or task forces within all tiers of your organization to infuse collaboration into your initiatives.

Hopefully, these 4 strategies inspire you to think of more that relate directly to your company. Just be sure to have a roadmap when you strike up your leadership band.