Advanced Cybersecurity Solutions

Basic cybersecurity measures are no longer sufficient to guard your business against today’s rapidly evolving online threats. This reality is made glaringly evident by the constant stream of breaches and hacks reported in the news.

Traditional perimeter security technologies such as firewalls and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), as well as anti-malware, do not provide the broad and deep visibility across your IT infrastructure needed to detect these threats. Evidence of attacks and intrusions within your system can be found in log records. It can also be found in machine data generated by your networked systems and security devices and applications. But how do you unlock these critical insights? Most businesses struggle with the continuous investment in technology and people required to maintain ongoing monitoring of their security posture.

That’s where Darkside comes in. With our advanced multi-layered solutions, vulnerability management, complete endpoint security services, and much more, your network will be locked down from bad actors like never before. Since all of our solutions are built with security in mind, you can rest assured knowing that your organization is protected 24/7/365.

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Cybersecurity Solutions You Can Depend On

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is the constant analysis of the logs generated within a network to detect any malicious and unusual activity. Often such solutions are implemented by a large company themselves, but this cannot be done readily by small to medium sized businesses.

However, a SIEM can be outsourced to experts experienced in deploying and implementing such solutions, not to mention defend and monitor the network in question.

At Darkside, we believe that prevention beats remediation every time. Our team focuses on what you trust and want to run on your endpoints, so we stop all unknowns by default. In short, unknown items such as advanced attacks, new ransomware variants, and zero-day exploits are stopped first by Trust Lockdown. Trust Lockdown is a malware prevention product at the endpoint layer of your Defense In-Depth Security Strategy. Only your trusted apps are allowed to run. Any untrusted app or script is blocked – no matter what.

We have invested heavily in ensuring that our Security Operations Center (SOC) is at the forefront of the necessary technology needed. While having the right technology is essential, your network needs to be monitored by experts 24/7/365. We understand that threats and attacks do not occur strictly during office hours, which is why our dedicated cybersecurity experts and systems run all year round to make sure only trusted items are allowed.

  • Trust Lockdown
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Secure Global Network
  • Email Security, Phishing, Security Awareness
  • Managed Security Information & Event Management
  • 24/7/365 Threat Monitoring

  • Data Exfiltration Protection
  • Ransomware Detection
  • Event Log Management and Storage
  • Data Loss Prevention
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Darkside Keeps You Secure

Many industries have increasingly stricter compliance regulations. In order to remain compliant, experts recommend that logs and events are stored for a certain period of time. As part of Darkside’s full cybersecurity suite of services, all required logs are stored to ensure your organization is compliant with regulations and best practices.

We can also agree that it’s safe to say hacking is a huge issue. It isn’t just small-time criminals or opportunists who are targeting businesses with malicious programs and code. Cyber-crime rings operate all over the world. Most of them work around the clock to harvest large amounts of valuable and sensitive data. Ransomware campaigns are an ever-increasing threat and are fast becoming the favored method used to extort money from victims. Unfortunately, that means you may lose money, data, and even banking information without your knowledge.

Do you know if you’re even protected? Don’t panic. Darkside monitors your network constantly. With our extensive threat intelligence and correlation rules, this means that any malicious software attempting to gain access to your system will be detected and dealt with in record time. It can seem as though you are at the mercy of these criminals. Some bad actors even receive funding from shady sources. Therefore, the best thing to do is to remain vigilant. You should start by overhauling your network security in the event of a malicious attack. You should never leave any doors open for people to sneak in and steal what is yours.


Affordable Cybersecurity Services

The solutions offered by Darkside could cost thousands, maybe even millions of dollars on your own. Due to the massive price tag associated with SIEM deployments, we use our experience and unique outlook to be able to offer world-class services and a low monthly subscription.

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