Easily Restore Apps on Windows 11

Migrating from one PC to the next can be a daunting task. Especially when your existing PC has all your important data and security information. Whether this information is saved in the C or D drives, or in the form of installed applications, copying everything to a new PC usually requires a lot of manual work – until now.

During Microsoft Build 2022, the tech giant announced a new feature in Windows 11 that allows users to restore all their apps to their new PC with just a few simple clicks. They said that they would soon start testing this new feature to eliminate the manual labor previously done by the user each and every time they wanted to get a new device.

What does this mean? Soon, you’ll simply be able to restore all existing apps in your PC’s library to the new PC within a few clicks. Giorgio Sardo, the General Manager of Microsoft, stated that this new feature in Windows 11 will make the transition quick and seamless. By testing it in the Windows Insider channel, it allows users to automatically restore the apps they previously installed directly from the Microsoft store.

Though there still isn’t much out about it yet, the limited information shows that when a user visits the “Library” section of the Microsoft Store after logging into the new PC, an option will appear that displays all the previously installed apps from your Microsoft account. Then from there, the user can either “Restore All” apps or just a few selected apps on their new Windows PC. Unfortunately, this feature will still not restore the desktop apps that the user will still have to install manually.

Furthermore, another exciting feature Microsoft has talked about is the ability to install applications directly from the Windows 11 Start Menu. People commonly use the Start Menu to search for apps, and if the searched app isn’t installed, the user can directly install it. How exciting!