Social Media Marketing Tips & Tricks

With marketing budgets on the rise and social media securing itself as a go-to channel for advertisement, awareness, and lead generation, it’s time to make sure you’re getting your online posts positioned for success. Whether you are a start-up or an established entity, depending on your industry, there is definitely a case for your presence on at least one socmed platform.

And you don’t have to do silly dances on TikTok to make an app like that work for your business. Over 70% of marketers find value and ROI in social media investments, and many do that over one or just a couple of channels, posting valuable content regularly to establish a core audience that follows and buys.

Here are a few ways to up your game today:

Be Creative but Relevant
It’s one thing to share a cute video that you hope will go viral and give you the eyeballs you’re looking for, but there should always be a strategy behind your posts. A cat being cute on YouTube is a perfect piece to promote if you’re an animal shelter, but if you are an IT support company, getting people to like a kitty isn’t aligned correctly. And it doesn’t matter how many clicks you get. If it’s irrelevant, people will be confused at best and write you off at worst.

Monitor Sentiment
There are some “listening” tools for social media like Sprout Social that allow you to gather data based on what people are saying about your organization, your industry or any other topic you find important. This information can help you better understand the mindset of your customer base. And in real-time. You can then pivot or innovate not based on hunches, but based on what the people are saying they want and need.

Use Influencers
The Kardashians are at the pinnacle of the influencer world. But they are not necessarily the best ambassador for every brand. And, in fact, many businesses now work with “micro influencers” to ensure they are speaking to a small – and less expensive to reach – audience. The endorsement, review, or kind word from an influencer on social media can boost your traffic almost overnight. Just make sure the person you use is the best fit for your brand. Some due diligence is always in order.