The Wearable Future

In some ways, the future of wearable tech is already here. A smartwatch that tracks your steps each day is an example of that very thing. But it’s what’s on the horizon is what we’re more interested in. The possibilities of ways this tech can be leveraged in the future is compelling and interesting.

Here are some of the most potentially common uses in the future.

Smart Glasses – Google Glass made an appearance a few years ago as computerized eyewear, but it didn’t really catch on with the public. Future personal uses can include things like music playing, noise-cancelling, and calorie tracking, but the real potential is what it can do for the world of health. A physician could wear these glasses during surgery and not just have magnified optics, but could also see the patient’s vital signs without being distracted from their surgery. The data would appear right in front of them on queue. And the police could surely find some potential with smart glasses with facial recognition built-in. Lots of opportunities here.

Clothing – Wearable tech can be sewn into just about any article of clothing, from socks, to shirts, to headbands. These digital clothes would sync right with an app on your phone for easy monitoring. Critical biometrics for athletes or even those with health conditions can be measured and managed. Things like blood pressure, activity levels and heart rate are just a few of the things these wearables could track. And imagine sleep studies that could be performed with “smart pajamas” in the mix.

Helmets – They aren’t just to protect your head from injury anymore. This headgear has built-in GPS, speakers and phone capabilities. Vibration and voice-activation are the primary functionality triggers. They can also track calories burned, route, stamina and speed. Practical applications include recreational bike riding, of course, but delivery services that use bicycles could really use this as a productivity and efficiency tool quite effectively.

It’s quite interesting where the future of these digital devices is headed!